Empower One LLC

About Us


We take seriously the call to:
1. Build a
Wall of Empowerment around blocks and brands so that dreams don't die and communities don't perish
2. Deliver Success Entertainment Services where Showtime meets Lifestyle to make the Best Life Experience.

We're a non-profit enterprise focused on social-change solutions to spur civic engagement and community empowerment. Our work is geared towards being a first-class provider of "inspiration for the nation" through broadcast/mobile media, keynote speaking, seminars, community branding as well as Empowerment Tours. We also serve as a vision building resource to small business and industry clients. 

The company's strength lies in its signature "service savvy" as well as the desire to partner with or inspire:
  1. Dreamers: those who affirm the words "I Have a Dream" once spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  2. Enterprisers: individuals from "Wall Street, Main Street, the C-Suite" who operate with a 'CEO of Me Inc.' philosophy
  3. Trailblazers: political, business and civic leaders who share the ideal of "collaboration in service" 
  4. Organizers: friend or family, young or old, rich or poor, ebony or ivory, degree or no degree, all working to make a difference.
Empower One is about responding to the need to engage purpose in living, passion at work/play and expressing your true calling. Whether it is to inspire one, one hundred, one thousand or a million plus, Empower One positions 'everyday people' to grow, flow and showcase what they know.

Social Activism, Community Branding & Empowerment

Learn more on Facebook about ,Operation J.U.M.P. "for Jobs, Justice and Unsung Dreams," our grassroots campaign to provide an escape from economic recession, housing depression and the jobs situation. Check us out on Twitter @UrbanChangeNow.
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